Become a Creative License Shop Licensor

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Become a Creative License Shop Licensor

Creative License Shop is open to all kinds of creatives: composers, sound designers, photographers, playwrights, illustrators, graphic designers, videographers, etc. 

Each Creative License Shop artist manages their own shop and sets their own license fees. You may choose to use our guide as a guide or not -- it's up to you.

You may license all kinds of media in your Creative License Shop: music, plays, photos, illustrations, video, etc. You may also sell merchandise like prints, CDs, posters, t-shirts, etc. You are responsible for shipping your own merchandise in a timely manner.

We charge a monthly fee to host your shop based on the amount of space you wish to reserve for your media. We also charge a transaction fee of 7% to cover our processing fees and related costs. 

You are paid on the 10th of each month for sales the previous month. This means you'll be shipping merchandise in advance of receiving revenue, so please plan for this when offering merchandise for sale.


About CLS

Creative License Shop provides easy license rights to creative works for projects such as corporate videos, youtube, radio, broadcast, theater, games, apps, on hold, and more. You license directly from creative composers, writers, playwrights, photographers, illustrators and others setting up their own Creative Licensing Shops. Search by style and feel, by artist or studio, or browse and look, listen and read until you find just the right fit for your projects.

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